Top 5 Best money saving and rebates apps! πŸ™Œ πŸ’°

β€‹πŸ’°Who doesn’t want to save some money? I know I do! 

So my family and I have been going threw some tight times at the moment. I know everyone’s been there. I wanted to find ways to save money and to make a little bit extra cash to try and help out my with some of the monthly bills and what not. So I took to Pinterest! Yay Pinterest for all things life, may I throw that in there. I found lots of options tried them out and found which ones were the best and easy to use. If you want to save some money check out my list for My Favorite Money saving apps in no particular order!

1. IBOTTAis A great app! Doesn’t actually save you money but you get some of your money back! Which is just as cool! I got back over $10 my first couple shopping trips! I think this one is deffinetly Worth being in my phone! 

2. Flipp

Is my favorite I think, it has all the store adds in one place along with tons of coupons which you can either upload to a store card or print and take along! My,favorite feature it the coupon match it tells you where a sale is to match a coupon so you get the best price possible!

3.Retail Me Not

This one is great has sales along with coupons for not just groceries for like every store and food place there is! Also gives you alerts when you are close to a deal! 

4. Ebates

This one seems pretty good! Haven’t had it too long but looks promising with is cash back online and in-store. For just about every shopping category! I think this one’s gonna stack up some money around Christmas timeπŸ˜‰! You deffinetly want this one if you shop online, Because who wouldn’t want to Earn money while shopping? 

5. Michael’s app

I love this one always great coupons including 50-70% off most of the time! Great money saving app for crafty moms! Also, a Plus this app has tons of fun protects to try!! 

Well that’s my list and My favorites for now! Hope everyone saves tons of money with these great apps 

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