When I had kids,I found what I was ment to do in life, my purpose! 

I had my first child, my daughter Allie when I was 18. I didn’t know what the future had instore for me. To tell the truth I didn’t even know if I wanted kids! But I had my supportive husband who reassured me it would be ok and we would be a family! And you know what? He was right! Having her made me grow up and be strong! Stronger then I ever thought I could be. Then having my other 2 I couldn’t imagine my life without All 3 of those little monsters!

They are what keep me going during hard times! My focus just goes on them and it kind of makes the other bull shit going on in my life kinda disappear for awhile! I love that , like a quote I’ve seen all over 

Our kids are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work

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