Ugh! Mornings!


 Here’s a look of my typical morning…

 6:15 wake up, get the kids morning board and write it up before kids wake up 

*The morning board I write anything kids have going on that day as long as other positive things to get there day started. Along with what’s for breakfast and there lunch options for school!

I didn’t feel like cooking today! Don’t judge me

6:35 Wake up The kids so they can start There morning list on there Responsibility Chart. 

*Responsability chart post to come. The chart and board helps cut out some of the heckitcness of the morning. They know what to get done so theirs no excuses not to be ready for school on time! I don’t like to have to say it All 3Γ—! 

7:00-7:30am Breakfast, and morning responsibilities….

7:30am. Time to be out the door and on our way that never happens most mornings. And half the time it’s me getting us off schedule. (Well f#*k I have Lots to get done!) We drive 15 min no freeway to school. after moving decided to do this over having them change schools. Also I love the schools my kids attend. 

7:58 This is about the time we arrive to school every morning unless we hit all green light (which is unfortunately not to offten) Pull up in my beater car amongst the other moms with there fancy ass cars with my music loud 2 youngest jump out as soon as car stops moving and I yell run hurry along with my middle schooler (scary to say that) 

8:05 – 8:45 So Allie doesn’t start school tell 9 and I’m not making that drive twice so we have time to burn. I try to get any errands close to that area done, but some mornings me and Allie just sit and talk about everything under the sun ( those are always my favorite mornings!)and some days we just sit on our phones and don’t say a word to each other!haha balance I guess πŸ˜‚

8:45-9:05 MY chance to think on my drive home. Try to organize in my head my day, cause more often than not I have WAY more things to get done then hours in the day! Anyone else with that problem? 

Thanks for reading hope I didn’t boar you to death! 

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