💸WORK FOR HIRE: Trying to teach my kids money doesn’t grow on trees!

💰Money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately!

If you haven’t said it yourself I’m sure you probably heard it as a child from your parents! It’s a very true expression, that I never really tried to teach my kiddos tell recently. But I know it’s an important one.

So Allie came to me with yet another spirit day she wanted to make a special outfit for. I told her she needs to earn some money and get it herself. 

Being my daughter…she took to Pinterest, and found the WORK FOR HIRE board idea. She asked if we could make one, and how she liked the idea of being paid when she does the job. So we took to the dollar tree for supplies.

The board above is what we can up with. 

I hope it helps my kids to realise how hard it is to earn money. I Want them to know how to budget there money wisely! (something I still suck at) and be great adults! Then maybe adulting won’t be so hard for them!  Like it is for me most the time!  Learn sometimes,you have to buy what you need instead of what you want, that sometimes the wants have to wait tell all the needs are taken care of! 

Now, They are going to sit down and write up a savings goal! Then they can decide to save it or spend it! It’s time my kids took some accountability! One,step at a time! My goal is just to make some great responsible little humans! 

Found some other resources to teach my kids about financial responsibility. Thought I’d share with you guys! 



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