Easy Like Sunday Morning!

Good morning! How do you spend your Sunday?

Today I reflect on the past week and start my to-do list and goals for the upcoming week. I write the weekly calender and meal plan. Also, I try to get the house in order as much as possible for minimal cleaning during the week ( well it’s wishful thinking

Laundry sucks! I was doing most of the laundry on Sundays too! It’s a lot tho, washing,drying,folding, and putting away….ugh! But, I have been using this app I’m finding pretty helpful keeping my house in order. Says to do a load a day, I have been doing it! Just not last 2 steps, I still have 3 loads in living room to fold! Boo! Hope next week is better! The app is called The Fly Lady! She has a lot of great organizing and cleaning advice to keep your house in order, which is something I constantly am trying to do but always seem to fall a little short. Of you are the same you should Check out The Fly Lady’s Website (also has links to app) 

Sundays or Saturday Mornings I also try to make a big breakfast for the family to enjoy, because I rarely have time for more then cereal most weekday mornings! And my kids are weird they hate cereal ( idk about them but cereal is bomb😉) ha! I just finished this week’s breakfast, well brunch I’m gonna say cause it’s already 11! Eggs, Bacon, and Hash browns! Yummy! 😋 

I would love to here about your Sunday! Comment with some of your favorite or not so favorite Sunday Activities!  

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