How I lost 120 lbs

It took me 7 years with lots of  regains, giving up , and failure! But, I still did it, so I guess I never really did any of those things, at least not perminitly! 

Being over weight, was kinda always part of my life! The fat girl in class, the  one not many played with or invited to there birthday parties. Being the person I am I pretended to not to care about the hurtful names I was called, and on top of that I am super awkward most of the time, I would spend a lot of time crying when I got home from school.  

Do you remember that, high school “friends”? Ugh! I would never want to go back there all those rude judgmental teenagers all acting like there so much cooler then one another,( and just gonna throw this in there.) I’ve noticed adulting is very similar. Ugh! 

Anyways, I finally thinned out some in 11th grade. Shortly after that I met my husband. I weighed 135 lbs, and felt pretty good there most of middle school and up tell that point, I was always about 165 – 185 lbs. So 135 was cool with me.  

I got pregnant a few months after I started dating my husband, and that’s when my weight kinda spiraled out of controle. 

When I went in to give birth to my oldest (Allie) I weighed a whopping 200 lbs. What? How’d that even happen? In 9 months? Yes, unfortunately. But, I ate when I was pregnant ALOT. Everything was so good lol. Allie was 8lbs 4 oz and after returning home from hospital I was about 190lbs. (i remember thinking at least it’s not 200,that number scared the sh*t out of me for some reason).

A few months after having Allie, my husband came to me and said we should have another baby, so Allie had a friend (hopefully a brother) and I agreed. So 3 short months after giving birth here I was pregnant again, and with a starting weight of 190lbs! 

As my pregnancy progressed, I was getting bigger and bigger(i had picture but I can’t find them unfortunately) I was HUGE ! I stopped weighing myself at this point because it was rather crushing to see the number. I remember  towards the end of my pregnancy I was in the store, and a little kid pointed me out to his mommy as the fat lady. Ouch! 

Kaitynn was born, 7 lbs 2 oz and I was still well over 200lbs. This is where I should have started! But I didn’t! 

My life got pretty hard, shortly after I had Kaitlynn, when my uncle died out of nowhere.My uncle wasn’t Just a uncle he was like my dad, he raised me and was a huge part of my life. I started drinking….ALOT after that! Which made my weight get even worst. About 2 years went by before I decided I needed a change! 

So first thing I did at 230lbs was cut back my drinking to only weekends, walking and cutting my meal portions in half. I started losing pretty fast I remember getting under 200 and being so excited! I did pretty good taking the weight off. Got down to around 165lbs I was comfortable and I kinda stopped.

A year or so passed and I was still around 165-170 then I got pregnant with baby number 3! While pregnant this time I stayed under 200lbs. I was glad but not much , after having my son Jason I weighed 190lbs. Had my boy, enjoyed my family and didn’t think of trying to lose weight again untell 2012 at 185lbs.

We moved back to San Diego after living in Kern county for about 3 years. I decided it’s time to do,this and get serious! I started working out every day started with The Biggest Loser Boot Camp dvds, downloaded the My Fitness pal App and just tried to move more. I started losing steady weight.

I would hit platous and I would quit! Almost every time this would happen I would spend months and months at one,weight and at some points I would gain back 5 lbs at a time. I wajs board with the videos and now was a little more confident at 170 lbs so decided maybe running would help take off the weight a little quicker. I wasn’t very consistent at first 1 or 2 runs a week, but it was helping! My weight was coming  off, slowly but it was coming off either way.  

I lost the last of my weight this year I was 132lbs at the beginning of 2016. I got more consistent in my running, which was helping my anxiety as well. I was getting thinner and happier. Also, I added in water . Being sure to drink half my weight in oz EVERY SINGLE DAY, and got on intagram and the support there was amazing!

Well now here I am 113lbs and 

perfectly happy about where I am at. I would have continued to run every day but i did something to my knee a while back and it still doesn’t feel better, I’ve scheduled a doctors appointment for it. But who knows when i will be able to run again,i want to start doing a workout of some sort keep myself healthy.I have to look up something for bad knees. Any suggestions on that??…. I’d love! It was a struggle , but I succeeded. Made me feel like I could do just about anything I stick my mind to. Success is key, work tell you figure it out. Any dream is possible.

8 thoughts on “ How I lost 120 lbs

  1. Great story. Everyone goes through changes so it’s okay and you’ll get through each day. I feel the same way sometimes and I suffer from Aniexty and it sucks, but I take it day by day and even thought about getting that survery done but kind of scared.


  2. My family has just started a ‘weight loss challenge’ (and during the holidays no less) so if I want to keep my fifty bucks I need to get myself going!
    I’m also bf-ing my baby so that add a different aspect completely. Congratulations and wish us luck!

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