How to sell on EBay: part 1,Ebay Newbie

Ok so some of you already know why I started selling on Ebay! But, it’s turned into sort of a hobby now. I think even after were back to normal I’m going to continue! Can’t hurt if not to help with bills then to save or pay off our piles of debt! Either way, it couldn’t hurt who doesn’t like extra money!!!! 

So I thought I’d take you guys along for the ride to see if it’s something you would like to do. Or if it could help your family with some extra income. 

 I started selling on Ebay just around one month ago and I have made about $300 not a whole lot, but a little extra money at the time we desperately needed. I have also been selling on a few local selling apps let go , close 5 , and OfferUp. With all the sites together I have made about $600. Not bad for a bunch of things I would have probably ended up throwing away anyways.

Now,  what to sell? Well we were moving and had a lot less space so I was doing a lot of decluttering anyways and saw we have lots of items that we never use some were like new still in boxes. So I started listing, things! Old phones working or not sell well,you’ll get a lot more for them on their then there making in the bottom of your junk drawer. I have been experimenting with looking for sales, like I mean good sales  75% or more off type sales and I have found some things super cheap I list them and just about anything new sells on Ebay. Just make sure You check it out before You buy, to be sure You will make some profit!

You can only list 10 items for the first 90 days after your first item sells. But, you can make another email and make another account. Well,guess what I did? That’s right so I could have 20 items listed at a time well at least on Ebay. The other apps I am using  have No limits of things that you can list so if you have more you can list them on one of those sites at first tell you sell something on Ebay or sell it there so you don’t have a bunch of stuff for too long.

The Ebay App is very useful, I use it to start my listing. You can easily add pictures from,your phone and I can type better on my phone so I do some of my descriptions on there too and all you need is the app for basic listings.  If you want your product to get more attention you can go online on your phone or computer. There is SO many more options! Keep an eye out for “listing fees” though!! .25 here and .75 there add up but could be well worth it that’s for you to judge,do your research. I like to use the Buy it now option and the LARGE PHOTOS IN GALARY both cheap maybe .50 or less a listing.

I normally start by researching what ever it is I’m listing. I’ll look on Ebay and online for similar products to see what price I should start my auction at.( You can also do fixed price listings but I haven’t had much luck with those so far) If you find a listing of the same product or one very similar, scroll down and there is a sell one like this button. Hit that sucker and it prefills some of your listing for you making it way easier and less time consuming to complete and list! Wish I would have found that button sooner! 🙈

Well that’s all I got so far.There will be more to come, I want to do a monthly update so check back for more tips I’m going to do my research and I will have them. Thanks for reading! 

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