These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I think this tittle speaks for its self! 

A list if All different kinds of different feelings, things I like to do,  and actual things! Tittle Was gonna be something like 10 things I like to do? But I had more….

Check out all my favorites: 

1. When my kids say they love me out of nowhere. Just a random 

I love you mom! 

Can change My whole day! I think they know it too because it always come right when I need it.

2. Music- 🎢

All music! Pop, hip hop, country… All of it!! It help me feel better when I’m sad and get what I need to get done, done! 


 from just about anyone, but especially ones from My kids, those Hugs are the best!


If you know me, you probably know I talk alot! I love to be around people (people i know and understand me) and to talk about everything. Or sometimes just be a listening ear to someone in need of one! 


Journaling is something i have done on and off most my life. Writing is a good way for me me to get everything out so I don’t end up exploding! I also like writing about happy things something to put a smile on someones face! Or lists, to-do lists , Shopping lists, ECT. Helps me stay semi sane! 😜

6. My phone- ☎

To escape everything going on. Also it’s my main way to socialize and i write my blog post on my phone. I do most of My writing on My phone. This one had A lot of reasons why it’s one of My favorites! (and you might not admit it but I bet your phone’s one of your favorite things too!)

7.Donuts- 🍩

I don’t think this one needs explaining…. Who doesn’t love donuts! They are my favorite food so of course They were gonna make the list! πŸ’―

8. Being Helpful-

Being helpful always makes me feel good. Knowing I helped someone out when they needed me helps me feel some happiness. Or helping someone for a surprise so they have one less thing to worry about, and most of the time the smile on there face when they see I helped them! 


Again for those of you who know me, and know I just got my license less then a year ago but before I turned 30 that was my goal (i was scared to drive, but sucked it up and did it) you probably wouldn’t think this would be on my list. But something about the freedom of driving makes me happy. The best driving for me is with real loud music and singing like I’m the artist.πŸ˜‚ and no I don’t care the people in the car next to me,are looking,at me like I’m a weirdo. 

10. Skull Things- πŸ’€

Home decor, dinnerware , clothing, just about anything with skulls. I prefer regular skulls too, not those sugar skull things.

11. Genuinely Nice people- 

This one is very rare. Most people are only nice because they want something or have to be in some situations. Most people have there own agenda when it comes to being nice. The people I like are understanding, supportive, honest, and like to keep drama to a minimal! With kind and caring hearts. It’s hard finding these people, Or weeding them out from all the nasty of the world.When I find them I know that is someone I need in my life, and I try to keep them close!

12. Shopping! – 

Can you say retail therapy! Yes, that is deffinitry my type of therapy!!! All kinds of shopping, f*#k I even enjoy shopping at the dann dollar store. Lol! Dann it sucks being broke!  I could sure use some lately! 

13. Taking pictures- πŸ“·

This one I have always liked to do since I was a kid. I love to take pictures and have memories of everything and everyone,and now with smart phones I can always have a camera with me and can easily share my memories, I love that! 

14.Being Silly With My Kids-😝 

Following them around dancing and singing sillily or dancing Silly all together, taking Silly Snapchats and all cracking up about it. Making up silly songs and just Being down right weirdos together! I love it makes my heart happy! Defintily one of my favorites or my favorites!

15. Watching my kids-πŸ’•

Watching them be happy, doing things they enjoy and having fun. Looking at them and realising how much they have grown, watching them interact with eachother and others, watching them be for real happy no cares not caring how they will be judged just Being themselves. Also, a favorite of the favs. I think this one is my most favorite of all.

16.Holidays And DecoratingπŸŽƒπŸŽ„πŸ’

I love all the holidays! Easter, 4th of july, halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas …. I love them all! I decorate for everyone! I’m that lady! Haha! I also love decorating i have been having fun decorating out new place and making it our own and more like “home”! Oh and birthday parties decorating planning all of it, Love Love Love!!!

Ok just a few things that bring joy to my life. A list I’m glad I wrote today, after a morning of crying and trying to keep it together untel my kids were at school. I did it though! Yay mE ! πŸ™Œ

What is one,of your favorite things? Leave A comment with your answer!! 

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