Crying –

 this is something I know alot about. I cry A lot ! More then most, bawl bag ,cry baby that’s just some of the words people have used to describe me! 

When I’m so frustrated and can’t take it any more, I cry! Someone makes me really pissed off, I cry! Some one yells at me, I cry! I think it’s my way of reacting to negativity. I need positivity in my life!

Positive people- 

Those kind of people you don’t have to be scared to talk to and say something wrong.( I’m so bad at that I always seem to say something wrong.) I like understanding people, who understand people mess up and can’t always be perfect (because I’m SO far from perfect and So very Clumsy, and mess up A lot), can’t always remember everything and let’s them know it’s no big deal! That its ok to not be perfect. That trying your hardest is most deffinitaly enough! The world needs more of those people! 

I try my hardest to be that person. To help someone or do something just to make someone smile, make there life easier, or offer a helping hand! I try to always smile at everyone I see, no matter if there is tears in my eyes or not!

 The worst part is, a lot of people don’t like me for this reason they think I’m “fake”. But I’m not, I’m just nice. It’s sad that someone would not like me for that but maybe that’s not even the reason, i don’t know but I guess I can’t make everyone understand me! Or anyone I sometimes think.

Why are people so cold? 

Most people only care when it benefits them in some sort of way! When I see people just being nice for no reason it makes me smile. Makes my heart happy, and gives me hope this world isn’t as cold and screwd up as I think. I just wish I saw this kindness more. 

Actually, I have lately in the blogging community I have had So much support and everyone is so nice it’s amazing! Thanks guys!

So maybe next time you have a chance to be genuinely nice to someone, someone who needs that positive friend just be there for them.  Not for any other reason then for them to vent or a shoulder to cry on! 

Everyone has there days and is a bitch…. But try not to be like that often for yourself, because you can’t live a possitive life with a negative mind and attitude! 


 Ok This random all over the place post is a wrap. I

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