5 Amazing weight loss tips to start TODAY 

Lossing weight is hard! I would start to make a little progress sadley lose motivation then quit, and gain back all I had lost. This happened so many times over the years I lost count. After awhile I learned what worked and what didn’t which made it easier to keep in track. Here’s 5 tips that helped me on my journey.


This one is so important! Once I was able to stick to this I started losing steady weight! I hate water and have a hard time sipping it all day. So I chug my water down fast. Best to start your day with one full water bottle as soon as you wake up(yes before your coffee) helps to get everything going. Also, try and drink a full 16oz 20 min before you eat a meal. Helps so you don’t over eat! 

2. USE THE MY FITTNESS PAL APP OR MAKE A FOOD JOURNALTry to keep your calories around 1100 when your first starting. Don’t cut any foods you love out of your life, that will drive you crazy( I know from experience!). Just try and eat well as offten as you can but always track what your eating no matter what and don’t go over your calories for the day! 


This one is important! Your not going to keep going if your not motivated! Make a Pinterest board just for motivational quotes,  and when you are sipping your morning coffee add a few. Do this every morning it will give you motivation for the day! I read this too and thought it was a bunch of veep but it worked for me, so give it a chance!


You can eat healthy all the time but you need to move to lose weight. So lace up those tennies and go for a run. If you can’t run, walk! But What ever you decide to do be consistent! I say at least 4 days a week to start. Start with one mile your first week then add a half A mile each week after. Its a great place to start, and a bounce it also helps to reduce stress. 

5. GET SOME SLEEPAgain I thought this one was a load of crap. But, you need at least 8 hrs every night. It will help you lose weight faster and help to avoid long platues. 

Keep an eye out, more tips to come. This is a good start though. Try these tips, they worked for me. 

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