Not a Perfect Parent! 


I most certently  am NOT a perfect parent NOWHERE close! Some days I’m too tired and some days everything irratates me. Others I’m Marry Freakin popins! No one knows! I try to be consistent and I fail sometimes… Ok, a tiny bit more then sometimes. But, there kids for goodness sakes. There not perfect, hell I’m an “Adult” and I’m a mess.

wp-1478142358889.jpgBut I’m trying. I’m trying to raise some good humans to leave this earth. And I think it’s not going to make a difference if I cave on a punishment ( a little ) sometimes or let them skip there chores every once in a while or give them way to many chances to correct there behavior. I want them to learn.

I want them to be responsible and to think for them selfs, and I want to help them a little bit. Or give them another chance on those days they are grumps. Heck, I’m grumpy some days too! As long as there learning and growing, and trying THERE PERSONAL BEST I’m happy and convinced I’m doing a decent job! No matter what any one else might think or say!

Ok was just thinking about this as I’m yelling at my 6 year old little boy that no he has to clean the whole bathroom because, that was the chore he picked (for 30 min.) And I realised fuck it’s hard. Its hard to keep trying to make him and both Of us fusterated in the end. When I could of just walked in there and done it myself and said fine just leave It .

You parents who never cave , always follow threw and only give them there normal 3 chances, you are some kind of robots maybe. But, that’s not me! And I think I have some happy kids for the most part. That’s all I want happy kids who try there personal best in everything they do, are responsible to there age and abilities. That’s it!

Ok that’s it rant over! No negativity please!

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