D.I.Y -Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

I made this in the beginning of fall with all things I found at dollar tree (-glue). It Before I had decided I was going to dive into this blog though. So I only have one picture😟. But I will add instructions to make your own bellow.

 I like to do crafts and the dollar tree is right in my budget 😉. Here’s what I came up with. Remember You can always add or subtract whatever you want to your centerpiece.

What you need :

  1. Fall ribbon
  2. A glass plate 
  3. Candle stick holder 
  4. Silk fall leaves 
  5. Fall garland
  6. Glass glue (dollar store doesn’t carry this but you can pick some up at hobby lobby or michals.)
  7. Large round vase
  8. Confetie string paper(to hold leaves  in place can also use lots of other things for this but that’s what’s had around the house.)

What to do: 

  • First thing I did was use the glass glue and glued plate to the top of my candle sick holder. Making what looks like a cake stand.
  • I then glued the vase to the center of my “cake stand”. 
  • The rest I just used hot glue to decorate with different fall items leafs, pumpkins….etc.
  •  I wrapped ribbon around and hot glued it in place first.then I filled the vase of fall leaves.I glued garland around the plate and voila….. You got Your self a beautiful Fall centerpiece for under $15!!!

Well there it is, I know its kind of a shitty craft post. But next one will be better just thought I’d share this simple idea with you, seeing as your Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner.Thanks for readingvhave fun making your Thanksgiving centerpiece! 

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