How to make a life organizer so you can get more done each day!

DIY BLOGGER ORANIZING JOURNAL IDEA I came up with to help me make sure to get everything that needs to be done done!

Ok, so this is my third time writing this tried to save twice and didn’t work twice !!ugh!!  Gonna try again should of had this post published this morning. But when your a mom you got to go with the flow or you will be miserable because almost nothing goes as planned . 

I struggle to stay organized most the time and to manage my time wisely ,slowly getting better after a life time of practice. Adding on my blog to a already busy schedule and tons of other forgotten things is is going to need to be well thought out for someone like me. Keep everything, all my info to keep our lives rolling and it needs to always be at my side.

Had first decided on a planner and this is a planner I guess but more. Anyways Had went to get one and nothing was quite what I had in mind. Saw some cool printable on pinterest, but computer is down. I really like to make things pretty and have wrote a journal most my life, and saw something on pinterest about bullet journals, a light went off.  

I decided why not make my own planner with all the pages I wanted and room for more if I decided I wanted other pages later on. I had fun making it and Im hoping it helps me keep on top of things a little better too.

 I used an old journal I had given up on a while back. Ripped the few pages I had used out then got to work. I gathered supplies I already had on hand, like wasabi tape, colorful pens , highlighters, etc. Then wrote a list of the pages I wanted to incorporate.0 I put my page ideas below so you can pick which ones would work for you. Also I’ve included pictures of how my pages turned out but you can really do it how ever you want that’s what I loved about this idea. Anyways hope you enjoyed and got inspired to get organized and use your time wisely.

  • Daliy and weekly cleaning schedule 
  • Daliy blogging schedule
  • Monthly calender
  • Weekley planner 
  • Goals for myself
  • Important info 
  • To-do list 
  • Erands to run 
  • Projects to do / finish 
  • Post ideas 
  • Apointments to not miss
  • Weekly menu

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