6 Easy Tricks to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Halloween has come and gone. The holiday season is now upon us, and so is the weight gain that comes along with them. In average most Americans gain between 5-10 lbs from Halloween to new years. Yickes!!!With food being such a huge part of the holidays, this statistic may be hard to disprove

 I am just maintaining weight right now after a long weight loss journey. So i put together a list of my favorite ways to beat the buldge during the holidays so I won’t end up where I started.

-Go for a Run:

Or a walk just keep your self moving. If there is a type of exercise you already do and enjoy perfect. Just keep it up. Be sure to schedule the time for it in your day 4 days a week. I said run because that’s my favorite exercise and it torches time of calories in not to much time. Running has got me to where I am, also helps with stress, which I know I have a lot of during this time of year.

-Don’t Restrict your diet

Don’t say “I can’t have cookies” or what ever else you really like. It is the holidays you deserve Some joy too! So go ahead….. Cheat but keep it under controle. No more then once a day and one serving (the actual serving size) it’s not gonna hurt I promise! Use your will power to make sure you stay in those guidelines.

-Sometimes you have to say “NO”

Cookie exchange at work? You already had you cheat for the day….. Time to use this one. Just say NO. You don’t need one of everyone’s cookies. Pick the one you want to try the most and have it . But remember to use that will power. Your will power is like a muscle, the more you use it the easier it is to use it. You got this tho! You don’t need me to tell you!


Remember to DRINK your water! If you are well hydrated you won’t get hungry as often. In turn will help you take in less calories. Making it easier to use that will power muscleπŸ˜‰! Always keep a water on hand, I like to keep a couple in my car too! To make sure I’ll always have some when I need it. Good rule is around half your weight in oz of water! EVERYDAY!

-Eat a healthy meal before that holiday party

This will help you to not over eat at the gathering. You will already Be a little full, so your not going to eat all the party snacks. I know your gonna snack tho. Just be sure to choose the healthiest option, and don’t over due it On the snacks or alcohol. You will eat more if you DRINK to much you won’t care about it anymore and you eat everything in sight! Maybe try to keep it to 3 drinks , then wait and see how the rest of the time is going to play out. Just make sure you are aware of your drinks l!

Focus on Socializing, Not Food.

Remember why your there, to spend cheerful holiday time with friends family and other important people in my life . Not to eat, don’t waist all your time by the snack table. Walk around and socialize! Talk , play a game with someone, or listen to some stories others around you are talking about.

Also, remember it’s the holidays! Don’t stress yourself out about it! Keep my ideas in mind, and you should sail threw the holidays with out all that weight gain so many of us have come to expect. Love yourself and make sure you remember to work out. That is the best way to keep your stress under control. And don’t forget to be merry , cheerful and bright this holiday season!

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