Reasons Moms Should Unwind with Marijuana Instead of Alcohol

Ok so this topic is kind of controversial. With so many people believing the stigma of marijuana. When truth is marijuana is safer for you then Tylenol or even your evening cocktail. Marijuana also has benefits for your mind body and soul. Giving a positive uplifting feeling, which makes it perfect for high strung stressed out mommy.

I myself enduldge in the benifits of marijuana. I live in California where the flower is legal for medical use. I suffer from anxiety.  This wonder plant helps me in so many ways its amazing, Was having regular panic attacks and now there’s few and far between.

Here’s the facts  of marijuana for mommy and why I think all moms could benefit from using cannabis.

 You have more Patience

I don’t know about you but some times its hard for me not to lose my patience with my kiddos. Especially with 2 preteen daughters and there attitudes.When I have had a few puffs of my wax pen, it’s a little easier. It almost makes me think for a second , kind of put myself in there  shoes. And not lose it and scream and yell. With my younger one gives me patience to not freak out when I have to tell him no 50 times or when he won’t sit in timeout & have I have to send him back to his room multiple times . I don’t get so frustrated, its not that bad. It beings your patience to a much higher level.

Gives you increased Creativity

Have you ever done a craft or something creative with your kids while enjoying some wine or cocktail? It’s fun right? Well with marijuana it’s even better. You get into it, and are able to come up with more creative suggestions, and you enjoy it without  perfectionism.  You are able to enjoy it and you don’t care if it perfect or not. You just enjoy the time spent together being creative. You almost feel like a kid again yourself.

Helps relive symptoms of PMS

Yes! PMS,do you have painful cramps and irritability with your PMS? Marijuana is the way to go then. Its safer to user then Midol , Tylenol, or actually any medication. It is one of the safest most natural ways to deal with so many conditions. Researching for this post , opened my eyes even more to how much good this “bad thing” does. I can’t believe anyone would be Against people having the right to use it with all the good it does.

You get along with your spouse Better

Your happy , patient and understanding. In turn fights don’t happen. Or if they do they are resolved quickly and easily with out tons of screaming and freaking out. There was actually a study that showed domestic violence and abuse are reduced when both partners smoke cannabis. Out of 600 couples, violence was lowest when both partners smoked on a regular basis. Cannabis is a natural stress reliever and will calm you down almost immediately. It stops those moments where we might go over the edge and brings us back down to normality.

No risk of overdose or Hangover

You have to watch what you drink, no one wants to try and mom with a hangover. I know from experience it sucks. With marjuana you will never ever have a hangover no matter how much you smoke. Also , unlike alcohol or even Tylonal or any over the counter medication, there is absolutely no risk of overdose from marijuana. More people die from peanut allergies then of marijuana. Isn’t that crazy? Something safer then peanuts is illegal. It makes no sense, yet alcohol which kills millions every year is. Why arnt more people questioning this?

Deep Relaxation

The affect of smoking marijuana is similar to the affects of deep meditation. Letting your mind body and soul relax. What mom doesn’t need a little help relaxing? I say try cannabis and a hot bath to relax. It works much better then that nightly glass of wine or that after work cocktail. Still trying to figure out why this safe effective plant illegal? What the heck America!! So many benefits!!

Better quality of Sleep

It’s common for people to smoke marijuana before bed and we all know marijuana is known to make you a bit sleepy. Researchers have found out why and how much good it does for your sleep. Besides being safer then any drug to sleep, cannabis makes it easier fall asleep, it helps you to sleep longer, you get more deep sleep  and have Less REM sleep ,also it helps you breath better while asleep.Marijuana could offer an incredible benefit to the approximately 25% of men and 9% of women who suffer from sleep apnea. Marijuana may help, as researchers are currently trialing THC as an alternative treatment for sleep apnea, with early results already showing promise. If clinical trials are successful, sleep apnea patients may one day have the option of  few safe pills instead of the current treatment of bulky Sleep masks.

This is why Cannabis is a better option than your night cap. It’s safer and more affective for a little evening relaxation. But whether you decide to make the swap to your evening relaxation or not. Maybe now you won’t judge the moms who use marijuana and can understand why they would utilise such a fabulous plant. 


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