Do you have lazy kids too? Lets try and f i x that!

Here we are in a day and age where everything is electric, on average kids aged 8 – 18 spend 7.5 hours a day on there electronics including TV. To say just our kids our lazy I think would be false. We are all pretty lazy now a days. If were not in front of the computer were on our laptops, tablets or phones. Or sitting on our butts watching TV. How can we expect Our kids to Want to move more when we ourselves don’t get up and move more? We have to lead by example.It’s kind of a family thing. Parents are lazy=children who are lazy!! 

Did you know 74% of kids do NOT get enough daily exercise? Which has led to 12.5 million of our children aged 2 – 18 being obese. Wow, that’s a scary number, and over the past three decades this number has tripled. 60 minutes, thats it! That’s How much moderate to intense play a child needs each day. Are your kids moving enough? Most parents think schools are not doing enough to resolve this problem. What do you think? Considering only 4% of elementary schools are offering daily physical education I’m not to sure myself. All this was scary go me. I want my kids to be healthy. It got me thinking….
Thinking for my family , my munchkins , what better way to get them motivated to mova as much as they should and spend less time on there butts then to be an example. Move more, maybe we all should move more for ourselves, our health , or just for the endorphins you get from working out.  Move together as a family find fun and adventures things to do. Something other then just “going for a walk”.  Ok they don’t have to all be adventures I know we have life’s to live, but you get it i think.

My kiddos and I sat down together with this idea in mind. We came up with tons of ideas. Mostly simple things too. Things they would think of alone. The family brain storm was fun. Now we have a list to go to everyday Or as much as we can to find a fun physical activity to do together. Here’s our list.

  1. Go for a hike
  2. Swim
  3. Play tag
  4. Have a dance party
  5. Make up a dance 
  6. Play red light green light 
  7. Go explore outdoors
  8. Kick ball 
  9. Soccer
  10. Relay race
  11. Obstacle course
  12. Make & play hopscotch
  13. Go to the park
  14. Go for a bike ride
  15. Ride scooters
  16. Scavenger hunt
  17. Play hide and seek 
  18. Play just dance on YouTube
  19. Kids workouts on YouTub
  20. Balloon tennis
  21. Balloon volleyball
  22. Football
  23. Play on Or another active computer site
  24. Race
  25. Skateboard

 25 ideas,and that isent even close to all of the fun active things my kids and I can do together. Sit down with your kids and do your own brainstorm. When you are done come back to compair, and lets keep the list going. DiD you and your kids come up with any other fun activities we didn’t? If so share with us in the comments and lets keep this list going, and make some kids who love to move!

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