Always be Thankful


THANKSGIVING day is here once again. A time to think about what you are thankful for. We often forget the little things we are thankful for like having food on our tables and clothes on our body’s. So many people are deprived these little life lugerys and here we are not giving them another thought. That is hard for most to understand. let’s remember to think of those things this thanksgiving. As we enjoy a hot meal wIth all of our friends and family,remember those who don’t have anything.

Thankfulness is important to our hearts. Keeps us humble and kind. Kindness is something this world is lacking! Rare to find kind people anymore. Most are rude and jedgmental I have noticed as I’ve grown older. I wonder what makes us like that? Kids are kind, almost every child I’ve ever met. Β So why are there so few kind grown ups. Just a little food for thought thought there..

On this Thanksgiving, I myself am thankful for, first of all my little family. My husband and our 3 beautiful babi es can go threw anything and be ok and I’m thankful to have us Β 5 together and I’m thankful for moments spent all together,makes me smile and feel ok. I also am thankful for the challenges life throws our way, because these road blocks are what build us up keep us strong and close. We will have a victory together once these challanges pass and we will appreciate every little bit of what we have when we make our way to the top. Being a young family is hard, but I’m thankful we have made it his far. Thankful to grow and and succed with my best friend and our little humans.

Let’s all always be Thankful, because there are so many things , experiences and company to be thankful for. No matter how small Β or big it may be remember to have a thankful heart. A thankful appreciative heart is a kind heart. This world needs more kind, and appreciative people.let’s strive to be those people.

With the holiday season here! Kindness gose a long way for sure. I have one request to you to help build your kind heart, next time you see someone struggling help them. You see someone do an awesome job congratulate them. Give a compliment and speak kind words to one another. It’s Christmas time once again , I am ready, not financially, but mentally I’m so ready for the cheer of Christmastime. Let’s be Thankful and keep our hearts kind not just now in the holiday season but in every season and everyday. Let’s start now and continue forever.

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