DIY Photo Ornaments

My kids are so excited with Christmas around the corner. Our elf just arrived this weekend too making it even more exciting. They have Been”board” having this week at home. So we decided to start on some holiday gifts for there grandpa to give them something to do. We came up with these cute ornaments with there school pictures for keepsake gifts for there grandparents. We got all the stuff at the dollar tree too so these are affordable gifts too.

All you need is: 

  • -1 bulb per kid per set you want to make 
  • And the same amount of pictures 
  • Some Christmas ribbon
  • Crinkle confetti paper 
  • Christmas pompoms and mini bells

    We took the top off the bulb then put our picture inside. I taped it down inside bulb. Then the kids filled the bulbs with the other stuff. When they finished I put top back on and made a bow for the top of our ornaments.c.f.

    I think they came out alright.  I think all The grandparents in our family are going to love these Christmas keepsakes! 

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