30 Things To Start Doing Before Your 30

  1. Utilize Your Planner and live a more productive life.
  2. Better money management. Make a budget and STICK TO IT!
  3. Read more for yourself or to your kids.
  4. Drink more water. It’s good for you , just do it!
  5. Cut down on sugary Drinks yes, that means less soda 😑
  6. Perfect your daily routine make a morning and evening routine and make it a daily habit to follow it.
  7. Practice patience because there’s no reason to ALWAYS lose your shit.
  8. Stress Less should make practicing patience easier.
  9. Eat Healthier unfortunately that means less donuts more fruits and veggies! 
  10. Write down your goals and dreams and work your ass off until you accomplish them.
  11. Workout develop a weekly exercise routine.
  12. Prioritize Better again to live a more productive and organized life.
  13. Remove Negativity because haters gonna hate. Lol
  14. Volunteer in your community. I’m thinking my kids school.
  15. Stop making excuses just get it done and except responsibility for your actions.
  16. Start making decisions don’t over think it, make your choices and own them.
  17. Stop caring what others think of you. Cause again haters gonna hate, and your removing negativity remember.
  18. Reach out more to family and friends. Set up a get together. Or call a old friend from time to time.
  19. Communicate better let others know how you feel because they won’t know unless you tell them there not mind readers.
  20. Focus better on the task at hand.
  21. Say NO not always but when needed to avoid burn out.
  22. Write a kick ass business plan and put it into action.
  23. Stop negative self-talk love yourself better, there’s enough negative shit in this world you don’t have to make it harder on yourself.
  24. Take an e course somethng you interested in hobby / New career.
  25. Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years.imagine if you had done that at. 20 what would it have said?
  26. Better self care do your hair and make up. Look nice you know it helps you feel great.
  27. Do something that scares you get over that fear!
  28. Choose to be happy you have to choose to be happy to ever be happy.
  29. Stop living in the past its all behind you now move forward and don’t look back
  30. Stop trying to please everyone your not food! 

    15 Days and I’m going to be 30 and still haven’t mastered all these. But ill keep trying tell I do! 

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