The Joys of Christmas

Do you remember the excitement that would overwhelm you this time of year when you were a child? I do. But Christmas is different now when your Adulting. The excitement is more cheer for myself. Then the joy from looking at the same excitement I had felt in my kids. 

   I often get overwhelmed and wonder why I put in so much effort for one freaking day. Then when I see my kids enjoying that effort it’s all worth it. I don’t know if my perspective would be the same if I wasn’t a mom , but with out kids I guess that effort (or as much) wouldn’t be there.To a parent Christmas is no longer about the gifts or the cookies it’s more the fun and joy you get from it. A sense of closeness to family you only see this time of year. Bringing people together to share festive fun and be jolly. Memories built with friends and family to remember for a lifetime ahead.

The way my children light up with the talk of Santa, makes my heart so happy words can’t even explain. When my girls were little, one Christmas eve. I think they were only 3 & 4. We had went to my husband’s family’s Christmas party and had gotten home real late at nigh. The girls all excited for Santa’s visit and hopped up on sugar, and too excited to sleep. My husband and I burnt out, and ready for bed. Impatiently waiting to play our roll as “Santa” thought of an idea to get them to finally go to sleep. Jingle bells in hand , a couple shakes and a knock on the door followed by me telling “Santa” he would have to come back because our girls were not asleep followed by little voices in the other room with so much excitement in the other room the girls exclaimed “ITS SANTA” . It was the cutest thing ever. My husband and I were laughing hysterically. It was great still to this day we tell that story and still laugh just as hard. That is one of my favorite story’s of Christmas time. 

Each Christmas is special. Each Christmas is a memory in the making I think. Maybe that’s why so much effort is put into this holiday. I love making yummy and beautiful things and this season has so much baking and crafts I think it was made for me. Those are tradition I enjoy doing with my kids so much. Baking Christmas cookies , and making fun holiday crafts just for fun or sometimes for gifts for family and friends. I want my kids to know the joy of giving at Christmas because that can make anyone’s heart happy and full. Also, the time spent together. I don’t want them to focus on what they can get but what joy they get from giving and spending time with people they love.

Christmas is different once your a parent. It’s really about those little things. We love to see The excited looks on our kids faces and to watch them so happy. It brings tears to my eyes at time. That’s what Christmas is about now as a parent. It’s about making all the cheerful memories for them to remember for years to come, and then when they’re grown to start to make new memories with there own kids. I love this time of year and I think I always will even when my kids are grown and gone. No one is ever to old to have Christmas spirit.

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