Long ago there was a girl who loved life and had every intention to live it to its fullest. She always proudly wore a smile on her face and always had a positive word on her lips. Her heart so big, much bigger then most. Her love was so strong and her passion unimaginable. She was a happy girl who wanted more then anything to have someone to share all that love with. 
Well as you could imagine , one day that girl met a boy who made her believe he would treasure her big heart and care for it and shelter it from pain. She fell so hard so fast , she barely had time to think like a sinking stone. She  was ecstatic to share her love with such a great man. She knew he was ment to be her one true love. But this girl was blind, she only thought it was love. 

That boy he was cold. Which slowly crushed that girl. She would not give up on him though , for this was her one true love she was still sure of this. Despite his icy heart , she loved him with every inch of her heart and soul. She would love and love despite the pain she would receive in return. Slowly that smile she once proudly wore ,faded away. The positivity in her thoughts turned to overwhelming anxiety. She was fearful she would never live up th that boys high and ever changing expectations, no matter how hard she tried.  No matter how much love she showed the boy he was cold. She never felt she could do enough to please him. 

That girl felt so empty. Lik she was slowly dying inside, but still forced a smile on her face. She felt as if she was unlovable and deserved the boys shivering disrespect. Despite it all, that girl she kept trying, trying to thaw the heart.she started to become a stranger to herself. She would often wonder what happened to her? To her happiness? She felt not so beautiful. Where she once wanted to live life to its fullest , now she wondered if life was even worth living anymore. She was lost,a mess. She was so close to giving up just excepting this as her life.luckily she opened her eyes before it was too late. Hit a turning point in her road of life.

That girl slowly snapped out of the haze she had been trapped in for so long. That girl wasn’t so young anymore and missed the girl she once was. Her mission now, to find her again. She knows she’s in there somewhere, and that girl was going to find her and bring her out once again. She knew it would be a war, but she was strong and prepare for battle. Little by little she was getting back to herself.  Despite those critics saying she had changed. When in fact she was changing back in to that girl she once was but even better ! She was starting to shed her skin. She was planning on becoming better then she could possibly imagin. 

To be continued……..

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