The Christmas Procrastinator

Well here I am less then 2 weeks before Christmas….. with none of my shopping done! This happens most of the time. Am I the only one? 

There has to be others like me out there! Right?  But there’s something fun about the last minute. Finding a parking spot is an adventure in its self. Let’s not forget trying to find that popular toy that not just your child wants…. but every child in America!  Ha! Who am I kidding, not fun at all! Dang was trying to get myself motivated to get it done here.😱 

Honestly, I don’t even know what my kids even want for Christmas. They have been loving all the other parts of Christmas, maybe there forgetting about the presents. Hahaha, I’m just a comedian today! I’ve over heard some things they are hoping to get. Hear them telling each other while watching Nickelodeon . Being broke makes it kinda hard…. but ill be sure it works out for them. There will be presents under that tree no matter what! Christmas may not be as big as in years past but the amount of presents isnt as important as your company on Christmas morning. As long as my kids are with me it will be a fabulous Christmas.

So for real though? Has everyone finished there shopping? How many of you are procrastinators like me? Let us know in the comments ….. 

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Procrastinator

  1. I am the worst too so don’t fret! I don’t even start thinking about gifts until the 20th of December. However, I will say, I don’t remember many of the gifts my parents got me and they struggled financially….I do remember all the great experiences we had. Maybe there is something to that?

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