Children’s Library- Inside San Diego Central Library

 We live in a great city, let me start out with that. They just built a new fancy library downtown , and the kids and I decided we would check it out. When I say just built ….It’s been there 5 years but still pretty new. I’d never been there before , thought it would be a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe my wild little humans would get tired out and not say my name (mom) on repeat when we got home. 

The library Is huge! So this time we just explored the whole first and second floors some, which included the awesome sauce kids library section. Walking in we were treated by the very friendly librarian. He was very helpful made sure we found the book and types of books we were looking for. Also he informed me our library cards from the county libraries don’t work at the city libraries. To be honest I didn’t know there was 2 different types of libraries. But , im seeming to learn something new everyday! 

My kids loved the giant tablets. They probably would have sat there all day if I would let them.

The kids explored! They started off with the eye catching giant tablets. While I looked threw books for my two youngest to read for homework throughout the week. We had already decided after walking in we were coming back next week. We will need to too, because all the books are almost all done being read and it’s only Tuesday. 

There is a tv with educational shows on. The books, wow SO many books!

This trip really inspired my kids to read! Wich I love im constantly trying to teach them to love reading. It’s such an important skill for life. You can learn so much from reading a book, and go to endless places while turning the pages. 

They even have legos, coloring pages with crayons and tons of other fun educational things for the kids to do….. And best part is…. It’s ALL FREE!!!!

 I suggest if you live here in San Diego you check it out if you haven’t already. If you plan a trip to our beautiful city don’t forget this fun, free, hidden gem in the heart of downtown. 

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