14 thoughts on “💔Single This Valentine’s day? Then here’s 15 hilariously relatable Memes, Just for YOU! 

  1. Some funny memes there! Actually used to get bothered by Valentine’s Day, but this year i genuinely don’t care. I’d rather be single than be with the wrong person x


  2. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. It’s a depressing, annoying and over-commercialized “holiday.” There seems to be a “movement” for the people who are single on Valentine’s Day, but what about those of us who are with someone but alone on Valentine’s Day? What about people spending Valentine’s Day alone while their loved one is “away” with the military?


  3. I never really pay much attention to this holiday. It’s just another excuse for me to eat chocolate lol. Of course, I celebrate for my kids but eh…give me a second Halloween. I would enjoy it much more, however, if I had a pizza that large. Ohmigosh. Give me that over a man any day.


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