25 facts about ME!

1. I love Everything Pink!

2. I struggle daily with anxiety

3. I’ve lost over 100lbs

4. I could watch the movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS a million times and never get board.

5. I listen to alot of Music (From country – punk rock)

6. I’m always smiling, despite never actually being happy.

7. My proudest accomplishments are my kid

8. I’ll almost never turn down a shot of FIREBALL!

9. I’ve lived in Miami & Costa Rica

10. I like hanging out with kids more then adults , I’m more comfortable

11. My favorite band growing up was Hanson ( haha mmmbop)

12. I can play the flute.

13. I like everything with skulls (art, clothes , accessories, ect.)

14. I’m a very social person. I love to talk and meet new people.

15. I smoke cigarettes

16. Shopping is my favorite activity!

17. Donuts are life!

18. I didn’t get my license tell I was 29 years old

19. I’m only 5ft tall 

20. I’m the oldest child in my family.



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