What a Sh*tty Day! 

Today was shit! A day like today needs to go in the history books for rememberance. To remember how horrible it was. Dealing with way more headaches then nesasary , just problem on top of problem. And not one is solvable. What am I supposed to do? Just be cool…. Pretend to not lose my shit? Ugh! Days like today make me realise how important it is to have good people who care about you around. Keep you strong and to keep you same! 

How many times can you be sucked into the same damn arrgument? Wouldn’t you realise the outcome will never be different? Apparently I don’t get it! My heart cares so much makes it that much harder. It really breaks me up when I’m being told I don’t care! How can I not care ? Do you think I would allow myself to get sucked in time after time ? You think if I didn’t care I’d be amune or something …. Right? …..Nope , not true still sucked in EVERY DAMN time! 

You want a happy life? My suggestion would be stay the hell away from assholes! For real, no one needs extra negativity in there lives. Positive vibes only,  around me please! Sorry ,not sorry! I’m done with the negative bullshit taking me down. I will rise above it all! I will prove I can do this, for me and for my kids! To be the example they need. 

Divorce is hard! It’s hard on all of us everyone involved! But, kids don’t need to be traumatized by it. Both parents should be meture enough to handle things like adults. No matter what the surcumstanses, not for themselves but for the kids involved! 

Just a sitty fucking day nomatter what angle you look at it from. I found doing dishes the most relaxing time of my day! But, tomorrow is a new day! I will do my best the make it a happy one! Well today cause it’s late ! Happy humpday!

One thought on “What a Sh*tty Day! 

  1. I feel you 100%. I’ve been there a hundred…a thousand times. And stay away from assholes is right!! For some reason that’s easier said than done though! Assholes have some like…gross stinky magnetism or something haha. Anyway, I hope your day gets better.

    I like your blog and I know how hard it must be to keep producing content while going through the stuff you’re going through..I’m doing a free proofreading giveaway for one upcoming blog post. Super fast turnover and you only keep the changes you like. Are you interested? I have only offered this directly to one other blogger because I also felt really affected by her blog, like I do with yours. If you’re interested, I’d LOVE to work with you, and you can have a guaranteed slot! You’d just have to “officially” enter so other people know the slot is taken and to do that you just tweet me your blog URL, or post your blog URL on my Instagram post about it. My handle on both is BettyMama206. I’d love the opportunity to work with you…hope things start being less shitty :/


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