Spring Fling: FREE Fitness Challenge



Has anyone else been looking at the calendar and realising spring break , summer time and bathing suit season are right around the corner?wtf? ‘m still carrying around the weight i gained during the holidays!! I Have been dreading stepping onto that scale and seeing how much I had actually gained. After lossing over 100lbs I  learned which weight loss tips work and which ones don’t. I decided to put it all together and make a good 30 day challenge and see what kind of results i can get and to see if anyone wanted to join me?

My Weight Loss Rules

  • Eat more balanced meals 
  • Limit sugar/ carbs
  • Drink more green tea 
  • Take 10,000-15,000 steps daily
  • Drink your water (half your body weight in oz per day
  • Workout(follow my 30 day workout)
  • Fruits and veggies everyday with every meal!!!

              Step Goals

  • Day1-5👉10,000
  • Day 6-10👉11,000
  • Day 11-15👉12,000
  • Day 16-20👉13,000
  • Day 21-25👉14,000
  • Day 26-30👉15,000

So who wants to join me in trying out this Challenge , see what kind of results we can come up with. I’m planning on starting today. A Monday, way to stay motivated!  I got 22 lbs to lose , hoping to do that and tone up some before its warm enough  to wear a swimsuit.😜


6 thoughts on “Spring Fling: FREE Fitness Challenge

  1. I just got a fitness tracker for Christmas, so I love the idea of increasing step goals. I will be trying that now that the weather is nice enough to walk outside!


  2. I love this idea of doing a 30 day challenge! I need to change some of my habits and getting in the habit of working up my steps in the day would be perfect!


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