10 Excellent Motivational Quotes to Set the Tone for An Amazing Week

Here’s some Monday motivation for all you up and at it for a Brand New Week. Drink some coffee throw on your sassy pants. You got this​! Oh and Don’t forget to remind yourself​, your butt is perfect,your smile is amazing.You are stroger then you could imagine.You are Enough and Valued and Your kicking ass at life! It’s A Good Week to have a Good Week! I believe in you, Make it Happen! 

Fly your plane well……
I love this one! That’s so true , times gonna pass anyways might as well use that time wisely!
Like i said YOU GOT THIS! Make this week epic!
These are deffinitly some rules to live by….
Dr Seuss always says it best…. He even rymes it and everything!
Make it count people ….
Note to self…. I will be stronger…my lifes hard but i know many people have it worst so im thankful for what I have.
Achieve your goals! Handle that shit….
Remind everyone how much of a bad ass you are!
Creat your dreams…..

Ok there they are! May your coffee be strong and your Monday Short! 

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