About Me

I’m Becca , I just turned 30 years old. The milestone had brought a lot of thoughts to mind. One being unhappy in my marriage for so many reasons. Just not how I wanted to live the rest of my life I guess. So ….I left! But after being a stay at home for the past 12 years this is one of the hardest things I have gone threw in my life. Almost seems to get harder each day! But for my kids I know I will succeed!
I have 3 kids . Allison is 11 and just started middle school. She is so smart and brings me so Much happiness with her caring heart. Kaitlynn is 10 and my middle child . She acts so much like me its scary, she has the best attitude about things let’s things go real quick and doesn’t care of what others think about her to much.Then there’s my Boy , Jason. He’s 6 years old, and a complete mamas boy. He’s in first grade and is one smart cookie , working hard to teach my little man how to be a gentalman, so his future wife can thank me later.

For now we are all living with my mom in downtown San Diego, barley making ends meet. Working on a job and my life, all while trying to raise decent humans.

I’m silly and awkward as hell. I run on caffeine (rock stars) , chaos ( too much of that lately) , and cuss words! I’m way to nice most the time, something I am actually working on daily. I like running but haven’t been able to in quite awhile after hurting my knee a few months back. But hoping to find another lower impact excersise I enjoy, because I don’t want to gain back the 100+ lbs I’ve lost . which is hard when you love food as much as I do.

Blogging is actually a new passion , but a passion either way. I have always enjoyed writing , and thought why not share what I have to say. Especially now with the situation I’m in. Maybe my story may help someone else, once its all said and done. I can only hope tho! Hope you enjoy and decide to follow me and my new journey into finding myself and learning to adult as s single mom after being married my intire adult life so far.